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Melt Away Stubborn Fat, Tone Up Your Thighs, Get A Flat Tummy and Feel Awesome!

We thought to ourselves what gets RESULTS? Well Zumba is a hell of a lot of fun...and people keep coming back when it's fun. Personal Training is great but it's a little costly...Bootcamps are unbelieveable for results but they are too much in your face for the average person and being outdoors is suseptable to mother nature.

So we created the biggest buzz in town right now
Go Ape Bootcamp!

The first Indoor Bankstown Bootcamp for people of all
levels of fitness.

We've made sure it's a tonne of fun so people keep coming back, because nothing kills results faster than inconsistency. Our workouts are extremely effective at losing body fat, toning up and giving you results that last! And you will find our prices very affordable.

We've made it challenging so you get maximum results...our expert trainers are also fully qualified personal trainers so we know exactly how to adjust the intensity of each exercise to suit each individuals fitness levels and to keep it safe.

For a limited time we are offering all our first time customers TWO WEEKS FREE BOOTCAMP! To try us out..no obligation..no questions asked if you decide not to join...you've got nothing to lose except some unwanted body fat.

We are a registered, insured and accredited with Fitness Australia who are Fitness Industry Standard.

We've made it indoors so people don't have to train in the rain, cold, heat or have to put up with wet socks, itchy grass, dog poo or sunburn.

Our facility is massive so it definitely has that outdoor feel in terms of space. Having enough room to run and perform our special fitness drills is critical to shedding fat and toning up.

We also have killer music, air con and onsite secure parking foryour peace of mind.

And if you're not happy with the results...we will give you back your money..no questions asked..just checkout below.


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